“Steak” Ground Chicken

My SUPER easy recipe for what I like to call “Steak” ground chicken…. because it’s ground chicken smothered in steak sauce! It’s stupid simple, and something that every bariatric patient should have in their back pocket!

To add to this meal for those who aren’t bariatric patients, you could put this over some rice or another health starch/carb.

“Steak” Ground Chicken:

2 Pounds Organic Ground Chicken ( I get mine from Whole Foods)

1 bottle of Organic Steak Sauce

2 Green Peppers

2 Bell Peppers

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


  1. Chop peppers into small chunks and place into hot pan with a small amount of olive oil. Cook until nearly translucent
  2. Remove peppers from pan and set aside
  3. Put ground chicken in the hot pan, add salt and pepper to your preference, brown and drain (DO NOT FORGET TO DRAIN. Ground chicken is very wet and will need to be drained of the excess liquid after cooking)
  4. Add peppers back into pan, lower the heat and add whole bottle of Steak Sauce
  5. Mix peppers, ground chicken and steak sauce together
  6. Portion yourself a serving, add some cheese on top and THERE YA GO !

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